Henri IV

The Sémondière The castle was built in 1590 under Henri IV.
Wars of Religion just ended and some forty years before the English attempted unsuccessfully to take up a holding in Normandy occupying during one year the port of Cherbourg. These events certainly influenced the architectural choices which include some defensive aspects.

Thus the presence of water moats, with a width of 7 meters on the side of the Grand Canal to prevent its passage by a galloping horse.
The moat surround the Sémondière castle on 3 sides, west, south and east. The castle used to be closed on its main facade to the North, (because it is only under Louis XIV that exposure of the main facade is directed to the South) by two buildings used as stables and chapel joined by a low wall. All have now disappeared.

Also removed under the Empire to allow the opening of two additional windows, the small watchtowers located on both sides of the porch door, which allowed to observe who arrived on the ramp. This is also described by historians of the region in the early 20th century.

The building also has an arrow slit at the base of gear that allowed to monitor the arrivals on the main driveway.

On the back side of the house we can notice the presence at the 1st floor of an opening of 20 square centimeter called standby position, which allowed to watch, on top of trees, movements on the road towards Avranches.

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