It was at the time of the Empire that La Sémondière left the family of Brécey. Indeed, the last representative, Francoise-Laurence de Brécey, widow of Jean-Baptiste-Ruault Coutances, died on 5 prairial year XI, and one of his son who was head of the Maritime Movement of the port of Saint-Malo, sold the remains to Jean-François Buat, who was captain of infantry, "Chevalier de Saint-Louis".

It is highly probable that bought The Sémondière to please his wife Monique-Louise, born Bonne de Tesson which came from the area, his family living at the castle of the Mancellière.

At the time they bought the castle, they realized a lot of work that would change both the layout and interior decoration of the room, that the outward appearance. Thus emerged at the top of the roof a small bell-tower which housed a bell saved from the sale of property of the church during the revolution and who gave rhythm to the family life and rang around to distribute gifts to the poorest.

But most importantly, the main facade was pierced by two new windows at the ends to give more light. That is why the two former suspended watch-towers that existed on the ground floor were destroyed. You can still see the traces of their location and remains a former lintel stored in the stones.

All windows were equipped with shutters and bars on the windows removed, permanently removing the defensive aspect of the Henri IV time.

As an interesting story, it should be noted that, in the upper floors, were found under the Empire style wallpaper leaves the newspaper the White Flag, which was printed in Brussels by the royalists in exile under the Empire: an evidence that it was possible to received his pay from the empire while secretly remaining royalist in his heart.

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